Microfilm Supplies

Source Document Microfilms

Whether you're working with rotary and planetary equipment; fluorescent or xenon flash exposure; medium or high speed; we've got a silver halide Source Document Microfilm for you.

Silver Duplicating Microfilms

IMAGELINK Silver Duplicating films include micro-fine grain silver halide image reversing and reverse-image copies.

Reference Archive Microfilm Media

IMAGELINK Reference Archive media is the premier media for preservation of your valuable digital documents and images. In conjuction with IMAGELINK 9600 Series Writers Reference Archive media provides for high quality duplicates and clean crisp digital images on display or print.

Non-Silver Duplicating Microfilms

IMAGELINK Non Silver Duplicating films feature both blue and black Diazo sign-maintaining films along with positive print Thermal Print films in widths of 16, 35 and 105mm. Title stripe products are also available to help facility grouping of distribution copies.

Microfilm with Processing

Eastman Park Micrographics is proud to announce the opening of its EPM Microfilm Processing Lab located in its Dallas headquarters. As part of this new lab, EPM is offering customers the option to purchase microfilm with processing included for those who wish to record or expose their own images onto IMAGELINK products, but prefer to […]

Microfilm Storage

The convenient way to organize your microfilm storage.
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