Archive Writer

MD AW 3 Series

Digital Archive Writer

Archive writers are used to create permanent records of important documents, data, and information for future reference and retrieval. These writers typically use microfilm or microfiche technology to create a compact, long-lasting version of the original material.

Archive writers are commonly used by libraries, museums, and other institutions to preserve historical records, photographs, newspapers, and other important documents. They are also used by businesses to archive their financial records, legal documents, and other important data for compliance and regulatory purposes.

Archive writers are highly specialized equipment that require skilled operators to ensure the accuracy and quality of the archival records. The resulting microfilm or microfiche records are highly durable and can last for decades or even centuries, making them an important tool for preserving our cultural and historical heritage.

Introducing the next generation of Digital Archive Writers, MD AW3 to suit all various users need that produces the highest microfilm resolution with the fastest production rate but yet most affordable archive writer that the industry has ever seen before.

  • Highest Microfilm Resolution
    Build in German lens reaching an optical resolution of 150 lp/mm that results in microfilm images exceeding industrial standards.
  • Fastest Archive Writer
    – 35mm microfilm: up to 25 minutes per roll (cine / comic mode)
    – 16mm microfilm: up to 40 minutes per roll
  • Microfilm Types
    Accepts all brands and types of 16/35mm microfilms.
  • Microfilm Output
    The ONLY archive writer to truly produce bitonal, greyscale & colour microfilm archival for 500 years..
  • Adjustable Height
    Adjustable height for different reduction ratio.
  • Able to Handle over 100 over Raster & Vector Digital File Formats from 1 bit to 128 bit Colour Depth
    e.g. Tiff, GIF, JPEG, PNG, PDF, JPEG 2000, BMP etc..
  • Quality Check Module
    The only archive writer software that allows user to conduct a QC on the digital images before converting to film.
  • Customised Frame Exposure
    The only archive writer software that allows customized frame by frame variable exposure timing.
  • AW 3 Series Software
    Windows 11 ready.