Microfilm Supplies

Fujifilm Super HR

A medium speed, high resolution film for use in planetary and rotary cameras. Fujifilm SUPER HR is a medium speed, ultra sharp microfilm designed for capturing all types […]

Fujifilm HR-II

A medium speed film for use in planetary and rotary cameras for lower contrast/increased grayscale applications. Fujifilm HR-II is a medium speed film designed for use in planetary […]

Fujifilm FM Archive Media

A medium speed, high resolution film for use in LED based digital image to microfilm archiving systems. Fujifilm Universal FM Archive Media has been specially designed for use […]

Fujifilm Direct Duplicating Film

A Direct Duplicating (polarity maintaining)Silver Halide Film for making high quality copies of source document originals. Fujifilm Direct Duplicating is a sign maintaining Silver Halide film designed to […]

Fujifilm MiniPositive II Film

Fujifilm MiniPositive II is a polarity reversing Silver Halide print film designed to make extremely high quality copies from source document originals.

Fujifilm Diazo Duplicating Film

Sign maintaining diazo films for making copies of source document and COM originals. Available in application specific colors and contrasts. Fujifilm Diazo is a sign maintaining non-Silver film […]

MGD Microfilm Fixer MF18c

Fixing: Unexposed silver halide crystals are removed from the film by a fixing bath, leaving only the metallic silver image.

MGD Microfilm Developer MD18c

Development: The exposed silver halide crystals are developed into metallic silver grains, creating a visible image on the film.