MGD Microfilm Fixer MF18c

MGD Microfilm Fixer

MGD Microfilm processing chemistries are the liquids used in the processing of microfilm. The most common type of microfilm processing chemistry is the silver halide processing chemistry, which includes the following steps:

Development: The exposed silver halide crystals are developed into metallic silver grains, creating a visible image on the film.

Fixing: Unexposed silver halide crystals are removed from the film by a fixing bath, leaving only the metallic silver image.

Washing: The film is washed to remove any residual fixing bath and other processing chemicals.

Drying: The film is dried to complete the processing.

It’s important to use the appropriate processing chemistry for the type of microfilm being processed and the intended use of the final image.

Incorrect use of processing chemistry can result in poor image quality or damage to the film.