What is Micropublishing?

Micropublishing is the process of copying materials (e.g. documents, books, newspapers etc) onto high quality microfilm and distributing them to the end users such as libraries, research institutes, archives etc. Micropublishing still remains relevant today due to the longevity (500 years) and information preservation capabilities of microfilm. The very fact it is harder to disseminate the information on a microfilm as compared to digital, this ironic feature actually protects the copyrights of the publisher in terms of rapid duplication and free distribution with a click of a mouse.

Newspaper Micropublishing

Micrographics Data is the appointed global exclusive micropublisher for Singapore Press Holdings (www.sph.com.sg) newspapers for the following titles:-

  • The Straits Times
  • The Business Times
  • 联合早报 (Lian He Zao Bao)
  • 联合晚报 (Lian He Wan Bao)
  • 新民日报 (Xin Ming Re Bao)
  • 星期五周报 (Friday Weekly)
  • 大拇指 (Thumbs Up)
  • Berita Harian
  • தமிழ் (Tamil Murasu)
  • The New Paper & more…