CZUR M3000 Pro Book Scanner

CZUR M3000 Pro Book Scanner

Entry Level Book Scanner
  • Two Pages in 1.5s
  • 20MP HD Camera
  • Intelligent Processing Software
  • OCR by ABBYY
  • Up to A3 Size
  • Anti-Reflection
  • V-shaped Book Cradle
  • Multiple Operating Modes
  • Visual Presenter

Powerful Hardware Configuration

  • 32-bit MIPS CPU for High-Speed Scanning
  • 20MP HD Camera Preserves Real Brilliance

Intelligent Scanner & Image Processing Software

  • Smart Tilt Correction & Auto-Cropping
    Place the document under the camera
    Edge recognition
  • Auto-Flatten & Finger Cots Removal
    Press the middle of edge with finger cots
    Curve recognition & flatten
    Finger cots removal & Smart paging

  • Auto Combine Sides

  • Five Color Modes
    Color, Patterns, Stamps, Grayscale, B&W. 

  • Batch Editing Functions
    Change color mode 
    Rotate angle 
    Crop edges 
    Add watermark 
    Standardize pages 
    Detect blank pages

Efficient OCR Technology

OCR (Optical Character Recognition): Quickly transfer scanned images into editable Word/PDF/TIFF files in one click via intelligent OCR function. OCR, coming from ABBYY, currently supports 187 languages.


  • LCD Screen
    See What You Scan
  • LED Top Light
    Low-Energy but Brilliant

  • Innovative Side Lights
    Bright to Reveal, not Reflect

  • Humanized V-shaped Book Cradle
    Superior Ergonomics

  • Multiple Operating Modes
    Supports Hand Button, Foot Pedal, Scanner Button and Software Button to trigger scanning.
    Page detection and Auto-Scan: The M3000 Pro Book Scanner detects page turns to automatically capture page.

Industry Applications

  • Library
    M3000 Pro will help read enthusiasts, librarians quickly and easily scan books, magazines and documents, helping with the construction of Digital Library
  • Archives
    Being able to scan up to A3 format, M3000 Pro can quickly digitalize a wide range of archival materials, even in different shapes, and the non-destructive scanning method effectively avoids damage to your valuable files, automatically converting them into digital documents.

  • Medical Institution
    A large number of valuable cases, medical information can be quickly scanned through the M3000 Pro into electronic documents, building an e-medical-database for easy access and reference.

  • Wide Range of Applications
    Law/CPA Firm, Government Sector, Accounting/Finance