Alphashot XL Pro LED

Alphashot XL Pro LED

360 Imaging

Equipped with laser pointers, cutting-edge LED technology, fast and precise camera support, a rock-solid aluminium design, anti-reflective finish and more – the Alphashot XL Pro LED is an all-in-one compact photographic solution designed for e-commerce photography for small to medium-sized objects such as bags, shoes, household devices, electronics and other items of similar size.


Ultra flat, long, LED panels for more shooting space. 1920 light points of powerful, ultra high CRI (95+) LEDs with stabilized light intensity. Adjustable position allow to get perfect lighting for specific products such as bottles.


Cutting-edge yet easy to use. The best software in the world for mass image creation. Other photo editing software will be unnecessary.


Our technology makes full use of the power of modern CPUs and engages each and every core in the processor. Multiple tasks can be performed at the same time in the background, even when processing very high-resolution images.


Excellent Manfrotto geared head enables ultra precise camera positioning. Grip action camera support allows to quickly move the camera up/down. With rulers on all movement axes, camera position can be easily repeated.


Your computer is your command center. Through intuitive and easy-to-use interface, you can see exactly what the camera sees, and control everything – even the advanced settings of the camera.


Repeat the same shot with precision by toggling a reference image in Live View. This allows for the placement of your product in the exact position as before with ease.


A graphic artist removes the background from a photo in 10 minutes. We do the same in just 5 seconds – without human intervention nor additional steps. Background of your product is removed automatically while shooting.


With Auto Cropping, the software detects automatically the size of the subject, composes the shot, add margins and will scale to a specific size. As a result, you get precisely framed pictures of all your products.


Create professional photographs without photographic knowledge or skills. Preset templates for light and camera settings that work best for photographing different categories of objects are readily available from the software.


Thanks to Multi-View technology, your presentations will be mobile-responsive and can automatically adjust to suit any device your users are viewing the presentations from. Presentations are available in HTML5 and Flash.


Now you can make presentations and packshots without any restrictions on resolution. Our software copes with any amount of data with the only limit being the maximum resolution of your camera.


Control views in our 360 presentation using intuitive hand gestures. You will be impressed by the interactivity and user-experience of our product presentations.


ALPHASHOT is equipped with plugins for the most popular e-commerce platforms. All images can be automatically uploaded and linked with product page with a touch of a button.