VertEx VP

VertEx VP

Pulse-Clean Cross-Draught Extraction System

While VertEx VA provides the best solution for large parts, VertEx VP adds a pulse-cleaned filter system for high dust volumes.

In-built compressed-air powered filter cleaning makes these units ideal for stone masonry or for steel grinding, and similar applications where dust volumes overpower panel filter systems. Simply push a button to clean the filters and continue working.

VertEx draws large volumes of air sideways, past the operator, and into internal filters, returning clean air to the room. Multiple VertExes can be installed together alongside our standard booth components to form a walk-in extracted booth.

  • Modular cross-draught system
  • Pulse clean filter system
  • Heavy Duty 2mm steel
  • Fully welded and powder coated
  • Can be used as stand-alone extraction system
  • Combine multiple units with VB booth system