Non-Silver Duplicating Microfilms

Non-Silver Duplicating Microfilms

IMAGELINK Diazo C Microfilm 1957, 2957, 3957
IMAGELINK Diazo C Microfilm is a fast-speed, non-silver print film. Use it to generate direct-duplicating copies in fiche or roll form, from silver or reprintable diazo films. Other typical uses include producing negative-appearing copies from negative appearing computer-output microfilm originals and duplicating copies of source documents, engineering drawings, and continuous-tone negatives. IMAGELINK Diazo C Microfilm is formulated to produce a blue-dye image offering high visual contrast on a reader.

IMAGELINK Diazo D Microfilm 1956, 2956, 3956
IMAGELINK Diazo D Microfilm is formulated to produce a neutral-black background. The dyes offer high visual contrast for viewing and making next-generation prints.

IMAGELINK Thermal Print Film KF 1353/2353
IMAGELINK Thermal Print Films are suitable for generating distribution copies (usually negative-appearing) in fiche or roll format i.e. clear lines with dark background made from positive-appearing, computer output microfilms (COM) or other camera original films. Reversed-polarity prints can also be made from other microfilm images. A title stripe, if used, facilitates fiche identification.

Life Expectancy of 100 years (LE-100) for non-silver duplicating films diazo and thermal print film.

  • Ultra-high resolving power
  • Static-resistant, process-survivable backing
  • Micro-fine granularity
  • Very slow speed
  • Manufactured process is registered to ISO 9000
  • Manufactured to ANSI and ISO standards specifications for films to be used for storing records of long-term or permanent value