KRYSTAL DMS – Enterprise Edition


Enterprise Edition

Document Management System Software transforms both paper and electronic documents into knowledge assets that become instantly usable by the company workforce. Improve workflow, increase information reuse, eliminate redundancy, securely control content, and avoid conflicts and data loss; all in a single document management solution that works from right with-in your web browser.

KRYSTAL DMS – Enterprise Edition is simple, affordable and feature rich enterprise class, multi-user, browser based Document Management System that supports the paper-less office concept.

KRYSTAL DMS software search engine provides a fast, easy, and powerful way to find documents in the document repository which saves time and ultimately reduces cost.

Out of the BOX Features

  • Completely web browser based solution
  • Accessible over LAN, WAN or Internet
  • Robust Version Control
  • Quick and easy document search & retrieval
  • Automated Workflow
  • Full Text Searching capabilities
  • Granular Level Security
  • No complex and chaotic folder structure
  • Web Services APIs
  • More

Deployment Options

We offer multiple deployment options, giving you the flexibility to leverage KRYSTAL DMS – Enterprise Edition based on the model that best suits your business needs and your budget.

On Premise

If your organization has already invested in existing servers and systems, or if you have other business considerations mandating the use of an on-premise solution deployed behind your company firewall, the traditional KRYSTAL DMS – Enterprise Edition on-premise deployment approach is right for you.

Private Cloud (Hosted Solution)

Cloud-based document and enterprise content management provides SaaS flexibility associated with licensing and scalability (such as the ability to easily expand storage, or to add user licenses as necessary) — without significant capital expenditure and incremental resources to support it. In addition, cloud-based solutions offer inherent remote access to company documents, and flexible monthly or quarterly billing.

Why Hosted Solution?

There may be many reasons to prefer a hosted KRYSTAL DMS based solution for Document Management and Control.

  • You are unable to setup, manage and maintain an On-Premise solution
  • You need instant solution
  • You prefer operational expenses (OPEX v/s CAPEX)
  • You need very flexible and scalable solution
  • Benefits of Hosted Solution

Our hosted KRYSTAL DMS software gives you all the robust functionality of On-Premise solutions without the IT headaches and upfront costs.

Few key benefits are:

  • No hardware or licensing costs
  • No software installs or upgrades
  • Quick implementation
  • Access from anywhere, anytime
  • Predictable monthly / quarterly fee
  • No hidden expenses!