Microfilm Scanners

Wicks & Wilson 8800 Series

Featuring the latest in digitization and image processing technology, the 8800-series has been designed by Wicks and Wilson to automatically capture greyscale and bitonal images from roll film at the highest possible quality. The illumination and optical path, advanced new camera system and unique image processing algorithms give unparalleled imaging results from all types and […]

Wicks & Wilson 7700 Series

Wicks and Wilson 7700-Series microfiche Scanstations provide automatic batch conversion for all types of microfiche including jackets, COM, step-and-repeat and aperture cards. Various models are available with performance and productivity features to suit different applications, ranging from occasional microfiche conversion to multi-shift digitization projects.

Wicks & Wilson Aperture Card Scanners

The CS range of aperture card scanners is designed for higher volume production scanning, with the top of the range, CS750, capable of scanning 750 cards per hour. Also available are large input hoppers, multiple output hoppers and automatic production tools to maximize throughput and productivity.


The next generation microfilm scanner has arrived, the ViewScan 4. Building off years of industry research and working with professional design teams, the ViewScan 4 takes the greatest features from earlier award winning models and is combined with modern software and usability to deliver an all new user experience.