NLB Awards Digitisation of Materials and Microfilming Services Period Contract

The National Library Board (NLB) has awarded Micrographics Data a period contract to convert vital digital document to microfilm across all the Government ministries. In this digital age, microfilm retains relevance primarily for long-term archival purposes and historical preservation. While digital storage is prevalent, microfilm offers a stable, durable, and space-efficient medium for storing important documents, especially those requiring extended retention periods or facing risks associated with digital obsolescence. Additionally, microfilm can serve as a backup or redundancy option for critical digital records, ensuring data preservation and accessibility even in the event of technological failures or disasters. Micrographics Data offers advanced document digitization and archival services, including secure enterprise record management software. We ensure businesses and institutions benefit from seamless access to digital records through cutting-edge scanning solutions and robust data preservation. For further enquiries, contact us directly at