Micrographics Data uses only ISO-standard archival quality microfilm because no other media offers such long-time storage capabilities. With our microfilm services, you have the reassurance that the image on the film will be legible far into the future.

  • Microfilm is your ideal medium for storage if you are looking for:potential life of 500 years, way beyond any other comparable format
  • a robust, reliable, cost-effective storage solution that provides a solid foundation for scanning to other media
  • a medium that does not require sophisticated equipment for reading and access

Paper to Microfilm Conversion

Micrographics Data leads the industry in microfilming standards in Singapore and follows the following Code of Practice for microfilming 16mm/35mm technical drawings and newspapers:

  • SS 520:2006 (CP69: 1998)
  • SS 521:2006 (CP70: 1998)
  • SS 522:2006 (CP71: 1998)
  • SS 523:2006 (CP72: 1998)

We offer the following services:

  1. Roll Films
    16mm, 35mm (Bitonal & Colour) & 105mm filming, processing and duplication services
  2. Microfiche
    Filming, processing and duplication services

Digital to Microfilm Conversion

Micrographics Data’s ArchiveImage Writer converts digital information directly onto a 16mm/35mm (bitonal & colour) first generation microfilm – the ideal solution to digital preservation.

Simply upload your digital files to our FTP from anywhere in the world. We will download, film and convert the files, and send you the microfilm rolls via courier.