HCC Awards Transparent Nitrogen Anoxia Bubble Project

The Heritage Conservation Centre (HCC) is the repository and conservation facility for the management and preservation of Singapore’s National Collection under the National Heritage Board, has awarded Micrographics Data a contract to design & build a 28 cubic meter transparent nitrogen anoxia bubble for integrated pest management solution for museum collections using our proprietary MD “bubbler” to hydrate and regulate the enclosed bubble environment between 50-55%RH and keeping the oxygen level below 0.3% for 30 days. Micrographics Data is the leading and largest supplier of museum quality conservation materials and equipment in South East Asia and has a wide range of customised solutions for the archival community, museums & art galleries and professional conservators. For further enquiries, please visit us online at www.asiamuseumsupplies.com or contact us directly at sales@micrographicsdata.com