Professional Document Scanning

We are Singapore Government Gebiz registered vendor. We can scan all kinds of documents for your organization: business documents, human resource (HR) files, invoices, contracts, legal documents, insurance claims, large format documents, medical files, incoming mail / post, and much more. With over 30 years of experience in scanning, indexing and archiving massive volumes of documents, we know everything there is to know about document scanning. Our scanning services are delivered through our Scanning division by highly qualified, security-cleared personnel that are dedicated to quality document scanning. We work with HR departments, finance & accounting departments, insurance companies, financial institutions, banks, construction, manufacturing & real estate companies, government agencies & departments, legal offices & practices, hospitals, and others.


Superior Equipment & Technology

We use only the highest quality document scanners available on the market such as the Fujitsu fi-6800. Our production grade scanners come with state-of-the-art features that enable us to provide you with top quality digital images. In addition, we use our own proprietary technology to control, streamline and automate all our scanning operations, from A to Z – WizAdmin. It was developed entirely in-house by our expert personnel. Its main purpose is to reduce human intervention to an absolute minimum and remove the risk of human error. This highly sophisticated, one-of-a-kind technology offers complete traceability and provides full real-time reporting functionality.


Document Scanning Process

All stages of the document scanning process are controlled including quality control, human resource allocation and our high-end document scanners. It is a clear and fully transparent step-by-step process that guarantees superior quality and full confidentiality:

Pick-up, Transport & Intake at Our Facility

We pick up your documents and prepare them for transport to our facility using our GPS monitored van.

Preparation & Scanning

We prepare your documents for scanning along strict guidelines. File folders, staples and paper clips are removed, if necessary, file / document separation pages and/or toggle pages are inserted to give special instructions to the scanner, etc. All your documents are scanned according to scanner settings pre-defined for your specific project. Image quality is guaranteed by sophisticated scanner hardware and technology.

Indexing & Classification

Data are either automatically extracted or manually indexed using double-keying methods. Automated and manual verification checks are performed to ensure data accuracy.

Quality Control & Image Enhancement

A set of clearly defined procedures governs every single step of our document scanning operations, from Pick-up to Metadata & Image Delivery. Our document scanners have built-in image quality control features, such as Automatic intelligent image correction, blank page removal, double feed detection, auto color detection, auto-deskew, etc.

Last but not least, our employees are trained professional to apply in all their work.

Metadata & Image Delivery

Delivery of images and metadata can be done via a Direct File Transfer method (VPN) or External Storage Device method (e.g. encrypted Hard Disk, USB sticks, etc.). You decide which option suits you best. As a result, you have virtually unlimited flexibility in choosing your preferred image and metadata file formats, such as JPEG, TIFF, PDF, PDF/A, etc. for images, XML file or CSV file, etc. for metadata or any import format for your document management software.

Certified Destruction

You have an option of a certified destruction if required. Talk to us for your customized document scanning solution.


Data Privacy
  • Strict access controls; 24/7 monitoring
  • Ban on Wi-Fi & mobile phones
  • Background checks & confidentiality agreements
  • GPS Secure transportation
  • Secure image & metadata delivery
  • Confidential certified destruction