Colour Microfilm – Archival for 500 Years

Micrographics Data has successfully converted colour digital images using the MD AW 1 Series Archive Writer onto ilford’s colour digital microfilm that can last for 500 years! Micrographics Data has always been the forefront in microfilm and digital technology to bring solutions to the archival community. Ilford colour microfilm is a direct-positive working colour material based on silver-dye bleach technology. As a result, it offers extremely high archival stability and resistance to light fading (>500 years as endorsed by Ilford). This is definitely a break-through in terms of colour archiving because traditionally, images can only be archived onto black & white microfilm. This brings a new dimension to documents archiving especially when preserving of colour is significant i.e. colour magazines, maps, photographs, paintings, works of art etc.


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