About Us

Asia's Leading Document Imaging & Preservation Solutions Provider

Since 1989, Micrographics Data has been providing quality products and services to our global customers in Archives, Libraries, Museums, Financial Institutes, Medical, Construction, Oil & Gas, Publishers & more. We started off as a microfilming service bureau 21 years ago and initiated the microfilming standards in Singapore – SS 520:2006 (CP69: 1998), SS 521:2006 (CP70: 1998), SS 522:2006 (CP71: 1998) and SS 523:2006 (CP72: 1998) – Code of Practice for microfilming 16mm/35mm technical drawings and newspapers.

Moving on 21 years later, we have expanded into complementing services such as archival quality document scanning, professional book scanning, film scanning, commercial digital image processing and digital to microfilm conversion (digital preservation). To provide a holistic solution to our customers, we have includedPreservation & Conservation products and services such as wide range of archival supplies and anoxia disinfestation treatment respectively. Pushing the frontier of innovation, we have also introduced our own proprietary line of products such as the archive writer – MD AW1Series which converts digital to microfilm for long term digital preservation.
Our challenge today is to remain relevant in today’s fast changing business environment with the presence of the internet, social media and various media platforms and be prepared for future technology. Micrographics Data provides quality archival solution to our customers. We strongly advocate pre, midst and post (PMP) sales support to our customer which explains why our customers remain loyal to us for so many years.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and we will reach out to you immediately. Insist on MD QUALITY today!