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Micrographics Data was incorporated in 1989 and is a Gebiz registered Singapore company. We are one of South-East Asia leading digital archiving solutions provider for the GLAM (galleries, libraries, archives & museum), Government and Private sector. We manufacture digital archive writers (digital to microfilm) & digital microfilm deep tank processors, offer secured professional scanning services for document, books, microfilm and microfilming services from the various digital and direct analogue formats. We distribute regionally professional high-quality scanners (document, book & microfilm), museum quality conservation equipment, supplies via our online Asia Museum Supplies market place and provide museum integrated pest management (IPM) using our nitrogen anoxia treatment services.


Digitising handwritten and printed information helps to make text indexable and searchable. Scanning your documents can make them digitally available in seconds, but digitisation technology can take this one step further. This allows you to properly archive and share even handwritten notes.

We understand every business is unique, that is why we offer highly customizable scanning services in Singapore that will meet your needs. From bulk scanning, OCR/ICR, large format scanning to extracting, interpreting and categorising your data for utilisation, we have the technical expertise and experience to do them. 

Our goal is to ensure a smooth and secure transition from paper documents to electronic files and build a digital document management backbone for your organization.

At Micrographics Data Singapore, document scanning typically involves the following 8 steps:

  1. Document requirement study – Examine paper documents condition and determine the appropriate input method.
  2. Scanning – Turning paper documents such as customer forms and physical mail, into digital images.
  3. Character Recognition (OCR/ICR) – Using OCR & ICR technology to detect characters on paper documents and convert the output of the scanner into digitally stored text.
  4. Data Extraction – Retrieve relevant pieces of information from the output.
  5. Interpretation – The digital information will be categorized and indexed effectively.
  6. Exception Handling – Detect errors, validate uncommon scenarios, and provide alternative methods for proper handling.
  7. Quality Assurance – Inspect extracted and categorized data for accuracy.
  8. Data Utilization – Integration of data into relevant categories, automate internal workflows or to be securely stored.


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2 weeks ago

Digital Microfilm Scanner, ST Viewscan 4 at the Supreme Court. Contact us at sales@micrographicsdata.com for image scanners solution ranging from document, film, books to large format maps and engineering drawings

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Randy AngRandy Ang
00:08 15 Jun 22
very reliable with a strong track record of delivery. Kelvin is very knowledgeable offering only the most suitable solution.
23:18 14 Jun 22
Mr Kelvin Ong and his staff have shown a great deal of professionalism in their services.Despite such a tight schedule, they have manage to meet my firm’s expectations.That being said, many firms in this industry would have mediocre after sales service after the initial sales. For Micrographics, I have to give even higher compliments to their after sales.I would represent my firm to thank Mr Ong and his staff for providing such solid experience. *bow*Regards
WY LeeWY Lee
17:55 14 Jun 22
Getting archival scans of our precious old photo prints (about 50 years old) done at MD has been a very pleasant experience. The process from getting a quotation to receiving the 600dpi scans was very efficient and the TIFF scans were beautifully done. Cost is reasonable too. As our photos were large 45 by 60 cm prints, they couldn't be handled by the usual commercial scanners as those only scan up to A3 size.
Joseph LeeJoseph Lee
16:35 14 Jun 22
Experienced team. Service excellence. The best in the industry. Trustworthy brand with a long history. Deal with the best if you want the best 👍🏻
Vincent ChowVincent Chow
16:33 14 Jun 22
Great service always. Very helpful and honest in giving information and advice on what I needed. Thanks Kelvin and team!


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