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EXPM 6 Anoxic Disinfestation Chamber

An ecological, user-friendly disinfestation method. This process has no noxious secondary effects on the object to be treated, nor does it involve any risk to the health of operators or users.

It uses an inert gas, usually nitrogen, which causes death of the insects by asphyxia and dehydration. Anoxia eliminates the investing insects at any stage of their development – eggs, larvae or adults.

Leafcasting Machine

This leaf casting machine incorporates a number of new design features, which when combined with its large casting area offers the conservator much more than any other leaf casting machine.  


AirBench EX

AirBench is a self-contained downdraught bench, providing dust extraction system, dust filter, and workbench, in one compact unit.

AirBench is plug-and-go, and can be operational within 5 minutes of arrival in your workspace - requiring only unwrapping and plugging into a 13 amp socket.

AirBench can be demonstrated on-site allowing you to make your investment with confidence.  



Tinyview Plus Data Logger

Offering a clear, easy to read display, together with all the features of our Tinytag dataloggers. Small neat, off-white colour that blends into a museum, library or archive' environment. This dual channel data logger measures temperature and humidity giving a constant display of current readings, the LCD display also shows the alarm state. Logging intervals are 1 second to 10 days, giving a battery life of up to 3 years. The RH (humidity) sensor has excellent long-term performance and can be wetted without damage.


EXPM Book and Document Hygienisation Table with Suction

The EXPM Hygienisation System consists of a table used to simplify the cleaning of books and documents. It has been ergonomically designed ease conservation work involving the hygienisation of books and documents. It is provided with a low-noise fixed and mobile suction system, fitted with an efficient filtered exhaust system, and it can be used safely in enclosed spaces.

Workstation designed to optimise the tasks inherent in the cleaning and hygienisation of documents and books, fitted with suction, exhaust filters and noises suppression.

Micro-Fibre Electrostatic Duster

Micro-fibre electrostatic duster: High yield electrostatic micro-fibre dusters; impregnation free.

EXPM Archival Box

Very resistant, archival quality, acid-free corrugated cardboard box, ideal to store books and documents during long periods.

Designed to simplify packing of and access to filed documents. Supplied flat-packed, providing savings in shipping and storage costs. It is cut and creased to allow simple, fast assembly with no waste.

Made of acid-free kraftliner (pH 8.5) in accordance with analyses performed to standard NP 3610 by certified laboratory.

EXPM Heavy Duty Wheeled Shelving
Suitable for careful transport of books and bundles of documents. Made of stainless steel. Robust, balanced, large storage capacity, easily moved and extremely durable.

Iron Horse™ Book Trolleys

Quite simply the toughest trolleys money can buy! Our all-welded, ready assembled steel look trolleys are built for years of use and are available at a price that is hard to ignore.